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What if your guy loses?

What If Your Guy Loses?

I just received this email from John Gay over at CountryWide. It does give us a lot to think about.

Two days from now we will wake up to a newly elected president.  (barring any "hanging chads" or similar "to close to call" scenarios)  As we have done for over 200 years years the United States will have a peaceful transfer of power in which every citizen was allowed, but not required, to participate.  

Wednesday morning we will all wake up doing what we do now...  Promote our  business, search for buyers, search for sellers, create new relationships, etc.  Regardless of who wins our life goes on.  No matter who wins, there will continue to be changes and challenges in our industry.  Regardless of who wins we all must take personal responsibility for our business, family, and future.


What If Your Guy Loses?

By John Miller:

Note: Please join John Miller and Dave Ramsey on Thursday, November 6th on The Dave Ramsey Showon FOX Business Network (TV) as they explore "Personal Accountability and the QBQ!"

Well, every four years in America we vote for the POTUS (President of the United States), and every four years on the day after there is weeping and gnashing of teeth by the losing side. And the truth is, the losing side is just about as large as the winning side. Amazingly, there could be 60 million people who vote for the ticket that does not win on November 4th, 2008. That's a ton of people who'll have a choice to make.

The choice to whine, complain, bemoan, and blame—or simply bring personal accountability to their daily walk by asking The Question Behind the Question(QBQ), "What can I do today to move on?" "How can I be my best on the job?" and "What can I do to serve people?" These questions enable those whose candidate remains a U.S. Senator, to avoid the humanness of finger-pointing, victim thinking, and discouragement.

And for the slightly larger winning side, where does personal accountability come into play? Will this group think that now all is right with the world? It's so easy to give a U.S. President too much power—in our minds—over our lives. It always makes me laugh when, with our massive, ever-changing, and complex economy, we think it's all about the man in the Oval Office. The truth is, economies go up and they go down—and then they go up again. By their very nature they are cyclical. When they're strong, the President gets too much applause, and when they slump he's buried in way too much blame. And so, in that vein, for the winning voters on Wednesday morning November 5, how dangerous these thoughts would be: "Yes! My guy won! Now I'll have a better job and more income and good finances and perfect health and a happier life and ... !"

Really? Does the POTUS have that much power, influence, and control? Would we, in a democracy, want him to? Can he give and take away joy? Will he help me get my personal finances in order? Will his tenure improve my relationships or keep me in shape? Do I really need my guy to be in the Oval Office for me to excel at my work, love and provide for my family, and contribute to the lives of others?

My wife, Karen, gave me a t-shirt that reads: It's All About Me! I don't think it was a positive statement the day she handed it to me, but in reality, aren't my successes and set backs all about me? Isn't it about me taking ownership for my personal growth; me contributing; me setting and reaching goals?

Me loving life? Me loving my country?

Yes, regardless of who's in the Oval Office and what political party is in charge of Congress, it's really all about personal responsibility—individuals making good choices each day, and being accountable for those choices.

And for all of you who vote for the guy who doesn't make it, I say TAKE HEART! There'll be another election in 2012 and another round of advertising and debates. And that campaign will begin in January ... 2009.

Meanwhile, I recommend using what we call the Ultimate QBQ! - "What can I do right now to let goof what I can't control?" Remember, no matter who is elected as the next POTUS, for each American there is no debate: The answers are still in the questions, and personal accountability is still the secret to our success. 



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Comment balloon 12 commentsBob Southard • November 03 2008 08:53AM


Either way I will sit back and wait for the next political drama to begin.   I'm thinking my Sunday morning political shows will not be as exciting this Sunday. 

Posted by Chad Baird (Re/Max Spirit) almost 11 years ago

Life will go on if "my" guy loses. I'm a big fan of Dave.

However, in response to those questions posed.....depending on who wins, it could mean my business goes belly up and I have to get a job somewhere else. It could mean my husband loses his job which could then mean we could lose our home. It could mean that I may have to make some major changes in my lifestyle that I am not prepared to make.

It could also mean good things.

Either way, life will go on weither it's easy sailing or rough seas for the next 4 years.

Posted by Cheri Smith, Realtor Prudential Gary Greene (Prudential Gary Greene, Cypress TX) almost 11 years ago

Well, the new president will not do anything real until March. Before March, the president is still Mr.Bush.

Posted by real estate real estate almost 11 years ago

My guy has already lost.  Until we can get around the two behemoths that suffocate real change in Washington, we will all continue to lose.  Not being pessimistic, just real.  We're in the mess we're in through the shot-gun wedding called Congress. 

Posted by Mick Michaud, Your Texas Lifestyle is Here! (Distinctly Texas Lifestyle Properties, LLC Office:682/498-3107) almost 11 years ago

Actually, Mr. Bush is OUT OF THERE!! at Noon on January 20, 2009.

Of course, many think he has been out of touch much longer.

Posted by Jack Feldmann (Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.) almost 11 years ago

There have been some who have said that they will move out of the U.S.   I wonder - who will be raising their hands to list their homes or condos for sale???

Life goes on.

Posted by Kris Wales, Real Estate Blog & Homes for Sale search site, Macomb County MI (Keller Williams Realty - Lakeside Market Center) almost 11 years ago

If Obama gets elected then we just try to help him become a good president. If Mccain get elected, he already has a good head start on becoming a good president.

You are right though, someone is going to be disappointed. Our country will come together and back however is elected. Democracy is better than the other ways of getting a leader!

Posted by Mike Frazier, Northwest Tennessee Realtor (Carousel Realty of Dyer County) almost 11 years ago

I have had to cope with this in the last two elections.  If it happens again, I will just keep on going and hope that the current president leads our country to the best of his abilities.  I believe that both of the current candidates have strong points, and while they are extremely different in their views, I believe they are both trying to initiate changes they feel will benefit our country.  I would feel more at peace if my guy doesn't win this time that I felt back in '00 and '04 even though I am more emotionally invested in this election.

Posted by Brenda Carus (Century 21 Zwygart Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

Emotions are running high Brenda. I just hope it doesn't get violent. The riot gear is already being brought out and prepared just in case.

Posted by Cheri Smith, Realtor Prudential Gary Greene (Prudential Gary Greene, Cypress TX) almost 11 years ago


You mentioned bringing out the riot gear.  I hope not, but here's more fuel for that fire:

I just posted this on another thread.  Please folks, this is NOT an endorsement of either. 

****  IF ****  this article is correct, we'll have it worse than 2000.


This suit is supposed to be heard on the 18th. So, if Obama wins tomorrow, the election will be in limbo. If he is disqualified, then you ain't seen nothing yet. This country will be ripped apart with race riots. It will be racism at its best(?). If the allegations are found true, that Barak is not eligible to run, then the next question is will the court try an end around the Constitution for the "safety and good of the nation". If that happens, it will be endless court cases.

So now we may be in for a VERY interesting scenario: If Barak wins, is found ineligible, does that make Biden the next pres? Or does the election go back to McCain as the runner up, or do we reshedule a special election. Go back and read the history of I believe President Harrison who died 30 days after being sworn into office. It isn't over till the courts say so. Until the suit is addressed on the 18th, the pot keeps boiling.

If this does happen, this "party" isn't over by a long-shot.


Posted by Mick Michaud, Your Texas Lifestyle is Here! (Distinctly Texas Lifestyle Properties, LLC Office:682/498-3107) almost 11 years ago

I love John Miller and Dave Ramsey. Dave is the one who mentioned John's book, The QBQ, that has really changed the way I think and take action in the world. I am not perfect, but I always continually trying to get better and stop blaming and complaining, but rather taking a proactive stance and taking control of my life!

Thanks for sharing this article- it is true- regardless of who is elected, it is still up to ME to become successful and to achieve the goals I have set out in my life. The President can't help me get more clients, he can't do my business planning for me, and he can't make the prospecting calls. I need to take control of MY life and DO the things that need to be done. It's that simple.

The one thing I do have an issue with- is that is my guy doesn'twin, then the other one will have won. The reason I am not voting for the other one is because of my belief in his flawed ideas and way of thinking. The other guy (if he happens to win) will do or put into action, things that I don't agree with, etc.. He may may make legal things that I am morally opposed to. I know it is my job to take care of my self and not complain about my circumstance, because they are up to me, but in this case, I feel I can discuss and disagree with the practices of the opposing side (if he happens to win).

Thanks for sharing, Nicole Weidauer

The Egerer & Weidauer Team, Keller Williams Realty North Seattle

Posted by Nicole Weidauer (Keller Williams Greater Seattle) almost 11 years ago

So my guy didn't win...I sobbed for America this morning.  But not because my guy didn't win. It's much deeper than that.  I don't know if I can even explain it.  Heck, I weep every time the Star Spangled Banner is played.  I love this country and my response will be to pray.  Pray for our new leader and pray for our country.

Posted by Michele Reneau, Realtor, GRI ~ Charleston, SC Relocation Experts Team (Certified Staging Professional (CSP) Elite Instructor) almost 11 years ago

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