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What to expect from the home inspection

What to expect from the home inspection:

Here in Ga it is common with residential sales contract to allow a "due diligence" period as a part of the contract. There are actually many things that can happen during due diligence but for today i just want to put in a few quick words for both buyers and sellers regarding the home inspection.

Here is the general advice that I give to a buyer. Typically the report will be 20-40 pages.  Don't panic!!!  That is normal.  There will pages and pages of things that the inspector has noted.  Again, don't panic.  Most of these will be very minimal and of little consequence.  The items that we may want to be concerned with would be major safety or structural repairs or imminent repairs on expensive systems like HVAC, water heater, etc.  There may be other things as well and we can discuss those once we have the report in hand.   The  due diligence provision in the contract does allow us to ask the seller to address items of concern or at worst we can back out of the contract.

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For seller look at the reverse of that.  If you are selling a home there likely will be an inspection, they likely will find a long list of things, and the buyer will likely ask you to repair or compensate them for some of the items.  Just plan on it.  Don't Panic!  Maybe you hire a contractor to make a few repairs, maybe you provide a home warranty for future protection, maybe you can offer a small price adjustment to compensate the buyer.  The options are open.  Hopefully your agent advised you at the time of listing that the buyer would have an inspection and to be prepared to make at least a few small repairs.

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Here are a few tips for sellers regarding items that come up fairly regularly.

*Have your HVAC system serviced and inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor.  If you have a contract with an HVAC contractor and they are already doing quarterly or semi annual maintenance then you are covered.

*If you are on a septic system has it been serviced in the last 5 years?  If not then have it pumped and inspected and have septice clearance letter to provide to buyers.

*Termites.  I once had a closing attorney say there are two types of homes in Ga.  Homes that have had termites and homes that are going to have termites.  if you already have a termite bond then have it available to provide to buyers.  If you do not have a bond then go ahead and get a termite clearance letter.  That will cost you $50-100.  

*Consider offering a home warranty as part of the sale.  They can go a long way to address buyers concerns about future problems that may or may not ever occur.

Here is a short list of some other items off the top of my head that seem to be commonly noted on home inspections and can be easily addressed before you even have a contract.  Trees and shrubbery to close or touching the home, drains running slow, minor leaks in drains, toilets, or supply lines, missing wall plates on switches or plugs,  missing anti tip for stove,  .....

Again.... Don't panic!  Whether you are buying or selling, talk with your agent and look for realistic solutions and the inspection will be just one more step toward a successful closing!




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