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Georgia eases water use restictions -slightly

Governor Purdue gave at least a ray of hope in the states ongoing water crisis.  He announced this morning to allow some minor exemptions to the watering restrictions.  We will now be able to water plants by hand for 25 minutes per day. 3days per week.  Also, new, professionally installed landscapes can be watered for 3 days per week for 10 weeks. Those who wish to water the newly installed landscaping must register through the on-line Outdoor Water Use Registration Program.

He is also expected to announce sometime today if there will be an exemption to allow adding water to outdoor swimming pools. This has not gathered a lot of attention so far, but under the current level 4 drought restrictions, swimming pools are considered "non-essential" water use and therefore if you added water to your back yard pool you would be breaking the law.....more to follow on this.





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Comment balloon 2 commentsBob Southard • February 06 2008 01:05PM


Has he looked at Lake Lanier lately.  What happens when the lake goes down another 17 feet?  NO WATER DOWNSTREAM!!  FYI   The lake has is down 17 feet since last May with hardly any recovery in the past 3 months (1 foot to date).  Isn't the lake a greater resource than more grass and pools?  Oh well, I guess we can always drink and bathe pool water.  BAD DECISION!! 
Posted by Roger Bobo over 12 years ago


Thanks for the comment.  No doubt the lake is a far greater resource. I think it is actually down over 20 feet from full pool level.

One of the articles I read yesterday said that even though they were easind restirctions we still had to a maintain a usage level 10% less than normal summer usage.  I think that will be part of the ongoing key as to whether or not any exemptions will continue.  The article also pointed out that for every decision there is an economic impact. Let water out of the lake and it effects the local economy there but it helps the landscaping contractors and pool companies stay in business.  14,000 landscaping related jobs have been lost due to the drought and pool companies were going to be next.  The Governor got a lot of pressure from these groups to offer some sort of relief.

My biggest hope is that since we have had a small amount of rain that people aren't beginning to overconfident or beginning to relax.  The is a huge problem for everybody and the end is no where near in sight. I have little doubt that if the lake levels drop again that these exemtions will go away and use restrictions will get even tougher.

Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 12 years ago

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