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Great Atlanta Snowstorm of 2008

People in other parts of the country might not know that every once in a while we do get some sort of frozen precipitation around here.  Usually this comes in the form of sleet or freezing rain and sometimes actual snow.

Needless to say, this can be quite exciting for for folks around here.  At even the mention of the "s" word several things begin to happen:

     *People run to the grocery store and buy bread and milk.

     *All the news stations set up live remotes to keep us all upddated on the impending weather disaster

     *The kids get all excited because they are certain that tomorrow will be a "snow day" -no School yee ha!


Occasionally these weather events do end up amounting to something substantial. You might not realize this but the elevation of Atlanta is quite high (about 900- 1000 feet above sea level) and the from the northern suburbs all the way to the state line at Tennessee, North and South Carolina is it the terrain ranges from just hilly to mountainous.  The highest elevations in NE Ga are over 4000 feet so in some parts of the state the snow accumulation can be quite substantial.

Now keep in mind this all maybe a once or twice a year thing.  The road crews don't have a lot of snow removal equipment.  Why would they buy gozillions of dollars worth of equipment to own and maintain to use one or 2 days a year.

I have lived in the Atlanta area for about 40 years and in that time we have actually had a few severe weather events that included snow over 3 inches.  More often the really severe frozen weather comes in the form of frozen rain which can be quite devastating. The hilly roads turn to sheets of ice, power lines and trees fall from the weight of the ice. I don't care where you moved here from, your bad weather driving experience and SUV aren't worth are darn on a steep icy hill.  You are just sitting in a gian 6000 pound sled.  Enjoy the ride and call your insurance company :-).

All of this leads me up to sharing our big weather event from yesterday.  At about 3:30 or so people started spotting a bunch of flakes.  These were in the form of weather talking heads on tv and actual snowflakes.

Here is a pic of my house in Powder Springs, GA. at about 3:45

Powder Springs Snow


As the event went on the kids of course were certain that there would be no school today, but luckily were well stocked on bread and milk! 

Sadly for the kids the temps remained around 32-33 and the snow turned to rain with no additional freezing.  School today as usual and all we have to show for the entire event is a few pretty pictures.

Country Walk Drive after the snow This was about 5:45


Ok, so maybe I'm being a little sarcastic about all this but the weather is truly one of the things that I love about living here in Powder Springs and metro Atlanta. The weather is not too bad and we have 4 real seasons.  We get to enjoy warm summers, pretty fall colors, mild winters that still seem like winter, and the most beautiful spring times.

If you are thinking of moving to Powder Springs, Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, or anywhere in Cobb County or metro Atlanta give me a call.  I'll be glad to tell stories about the great snow jam of 1980 or even the weather event of 2008!





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Comment balloon 9 commentsBob Southard • January 17 2008 08:05AM


I am in Jasper, City not country and it is really pretty and really not driveable at the moment. Milk and Bread !!! No I am looking for the wine and cheese
Posted by Charlie Ragonesi, Homes - Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Pros (AllMountainRealty.com) over 11 years ago
Bob - You guys stole our snow and we are a sheet of ice ! lol ! Schools here are closed so it is now torture parent day ! However, we are suppose to possibly get some snow this evening !
Posted by Melissa Grant, The Law of Attraction In Life & Business (A Serendipity World) over 11 years ago
Thanks, Bob!  That made me laugh!  Here in NC schools were delayed for 2 hours.  My son JUST got on the bus.  Mind you, he is normally on the bus at 7am and school starts at 7:45.  Anyhow, big talk last night from the weather folks and schools started delaying last night.  What did we get?  RAIN!  No freezing rain (at least here in Wake Forest), no snow, just plain old rain - which we need desperately.  When I woke my son up at 8am he said, "Mom, I don't think it is 6am."  He didn't even know.....But, like you in ATL, I love the weather here.  Maybe once or twice a year is all the bad winter weather we get.
Posted by Leesa Finley, RED Properties - Raleigh NC Real Estate (RED Properties) over 11 years ago

Any precip is good for you now. I have a few family members in the area. My mother lives 1 mile from Lake Lanier. Heres hoping you get more - rain - snow - whatever it takes.

Posted by Jean Doyle, Morris and Sussex NJ Real Estate (RE/MAX House Values) over 11 years ago


The talk around our office today is about how we all thought we may have a snow day.  Your pics are pretty!

Posted by Anona Large, Oak Ridge, TN Real Estate (Realty Executives Associates) over 11 years ago
I am jealous!  I have worn out a snow shovel this winter and it is only January.  But the skiing is awesome
Posted by Joe Adams (Major Mortgage USA/Branch Manager) over 11 years ago

Charlie - Thanks for the comment.  The Jasper area is beautiful.  Definitely more mountains here in Powder Springs.

Melissa - What part of Tennessee are you in?  We have made many trips to Gatlinburg.  In fact that is where Barbara and I got married.  Sorry you got the ice.

Leesa - Sounds like a similar scenario to what is typical around here. For the counties just north of us the schools did close today.  My kids were disappointed that they still had to go.

Jean - No doubt we need the precip.  Even though we have had some recent rain and now a little snow, we are still in a very serious level 4 drought.  I was talking with the Mayor of Powder Springs the other day and as it is right now we don't know if we will be able to open swimming pools in the summer because we won't be to fill them with water. 

Anona - Thanks for the comment. I work from home so any amount of snow wouldn't effect my commute from the bedroom to the office. The only thing would be if there was a power outage from heavy snow or ice.  I hope the weather stays decent for you.  That is a really nice area where you live. My best friend just moved back here from Maryville.  He hasn't said so but I think he misses it.

Joe - I don't know where you are from but if it requires wearing out a snow shovel I think I'll wait 'till summer to come visit!


Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 11 years ago

Would you believe I have'nt seen snow yet ? Not the outdoor variety anyway. Everytime I travel its during non snow time.

I mean sure, we have it here, Real snow and a real ski slope. The ironic thing is when your at This particular skislope and you look out side you can see sand dunes outside :-)


Posted by Clydd realvision (RealVisionHomes.com) over 11 years ago


Thanks for the comment.  I have seen pics of that before.  The pics I saw showed people and cars next to it while it was under construction.  It really gave you an idea of how enormous a project it is.

Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 11 years ago

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