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Buying a Home or Car, Buyer Beware!

Buying a Home or Car, Buyer Beware!

Some of you may know or remember that I spent 5 years selling cars.  It is a GodAwful business but I did learn a lot. One thing that bothered me (it shouldn't have) is how customer walk on to the lot and immediately treat the salesperson as an adversary.  Realistically they are correct to do that.

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Car buyers know that the salesman, no matter how friendly, is there to sell cars for the dealership. The salesman wants to sell you a car today, from their dealership, at the highest possible price. If you think you are an expert negotiator and you got a great deal on your last car, you are probably wrong.  On hundreds of cars sales, I can tell you the dealer was happy to make every one of them.  Its like going to Vegas.  In the long run the dealer always wins!

But, Imagine if you could walk in to a car dealership and bring a salesperson from down the street with you? Somebody that knows all the tricks and intricacies of the business.  Somebody there to represent you.  Even better, imagine that the dealership salesperson will share their commission with your person just for have you represent them and bring them to the dealership!  Having your own representative wont cost you a dime!

GOOD NEWS FOR HOME BUYERS! That is exactly how it does work when you buy a home.  Yes you can talk directly to the listing agent if you want. And you can represent yourself if you want.  But why?  That agent is there to represent that seller and sell that house for the most money possible.  They have no interest in adding terms to the contract to protect you.  They have no interest in lowering the price other than to the extent that it will benefit the seller.  And here is the biggie... they have no interest in reducing their commision because there is not another agent! 

Here is a good example of why you need your own agent.  For every single new construction home that I have ever sold the listing agent has said  the buyer doesn't really need to mess with a home inspection since its a new home.  Most buyers would tend to agree.  But if they do that, they end up owning every builder and subcontractor mistake in that home.  Every single new home that I have sold has had something turn up on the inspection.  We have found cracked roof trusses, windows installed upside down, HVAC condensation issues, etc.  In every one of the cases the buyer would own the problem and probably wouldn't know about until they went to sell the house and the next buyer actually did get an inspection.

It is a great time to buy a home.  I really do think that here in Cobb County, Ga we are at or near the bottom of the market. But times have changed a lot.  Everything that you think you know about home buying has changed over that last few years.  Hire your buyers agent to guide you through the process!

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