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999 plan Q&A

Questions about 999?


Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan are at the top of the polls. Whether you love, hate, or have no idea about 999 then this should be a good place to get more information.


2hr Q&A Sunday from 8-10am E.T. On  "Money Matters" radio show hosted by Financial Planner Wes Moss on WSBradio -listen live online.


For those of you here in the Atlanta area you can tune in to WSB radio at 750 am or 95.5 FM. 

Anybody can tune in on line at wsbradio.com.  A link to listen live is below.






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Comment balloon 6 commentsBob Southard • October 15 2011 09:07AM


Michelle Bachmann is CORRECT.  While this will do away with the IRS * it ALLOWS Congress to pile on MORE taxes and HIGH TAX areas like DC will have 19% taxes....

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 8 years ago

Congratulations - This post is now featured in Silent Majority Group of Active Rain!

Posted by Broker Nick, Broker Nick Relocation Broker Service (South Florida Real Estate & Development, Inc.) over 8 years ago

The Congress already piles on more taxes. At least this would be a restart on our current taxes. And getting rid of the current tax code is a must.

Posted by Than Maynard, Broker - Licensed to List & Sell - 405-990-8862 (Coldwell Banker Heart of Oklahoma) over 8 years ago

I can easily see 9-9-9 turning into 20-20-20 by using Warren Buffet's class warfare tactics.  No thanks.  We don't need more taxes, we need less of them, and way less spending.

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 8 years ago

Wallace - I hope that both you and Mrs Bachman had a chance to listen to the radio show yesterday.  It was very non political and the host is a financial planner.  His business partner is a CPA.  Basically they just went through the numbers of how the program would work.  While there would be a 9% tax added at the end there is also a cost reduction in the entire supply chain leading up to it.  Most of the analysis that I have heard say the in the end it will be cost neutral. 


Rob- Saying the tax could change does not hold any water for me.  That argument can be applied to any tax, anywhere anytime.  Just think for a moment how many HIDDEN taxes and tax loopholes there are right now. 9-9-9 moves it all in to plain sight.  I totally agree on the way less spending idea.  Stimulating businesses and encouraging economic growth is only half the equation.  That would have to come from effective fiscal management which a President Cain would be well able to address. 

Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 8 years ago

The politicians have a huge issue with 9-9-9.  What is it?  It brings transparency to the tax code.  It removes, or at least greatly diminishes, the ability to to reward lobbyists, special interests, and political donors with tax breaks. It represents a fundemental change to the way Washington currently works. That threatens the political class which I think is a very good thing.

Posted by Bob Southard, e-Pro - Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton (Atlas Realty Service, LLC) over 8 years ago

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