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KING SAUL or KING DAVID.........which one will you choose....?

Wow!  I have reblogged some of Richie's posts before.  He is definitely one of my favorite bloggers right now.  Very insightful and deeply thought provoking.  I hope you all enjoy this one.....

Who hasn't read some the wonderful stories in the Bible. Fascinating to say the least. It is very hard to have favorites plus there is so much written between the lines....that you should just jump in and have the experience. One of my favorites is King Saul and King David which I have narrowed to make my point


The people wanted a King that they could see and touch and not the invisible God. Reluctantly, God agrees and sets up King Saul to take the "go-between" position. 

Now, one day, he is instructed by God to go and kill a neighboring tribe. God and the prophet explain to King Saul in detail that they want everyone killed...women, children, men and even unto their animals. Everything blotted out like they never existed. King Saul goes forth and what does he do..? Everything but obey the commandments and direction of God....he brings back captives of the women, children and even the other King and ARGUES that a great ransom will be paid for them. God is so angered that he wants nothing more to do with King Saul. He doesn't want to hear his excuses, his ideas, or his plans...he just wanted obedience......

King David:

A small insignificant lad who was given the job of minding sheep by his family. In all the Kingdom, there was nothing lower than that job. While on the job, he learned a lot about God and what pleases him and over the years earned the name of a "man after God's own heart".

He rose to be King and then one day, strayed from all that was good and pure and ventured out into the unknown slowly committing sins against God. He felt no remorse as he was King. He eventually commits murder and adultery. God wanted to hold him accountable and had a prophet approach him with a dilemma that needed a ruling from the King. David heard the story and ruled that the man should be put to death. The prophet responds...you are that man. David...instantly REPENTS and begs for forgiveness. He wants to have another chance to obey God.


Both Kings disobeyed and took advantage of God's grace, mercy, and loving-kindness. Both were approached about the problem.

King Saul argued as a God (pride & ego) speaking to God and had all that he was given...taken away from him. He was not sorry. His pride and his ego were in conflict with God

King David...instantly repented and spoke as a servant unto God asking for forgiveness. He was punished, sentenced, and allowed to go on...


When your turn to see your error or defect is revealed to you at any given time, that will be YOUR moment of truth to experience what these two great Kings had to. But which one will you choose to emanate...?


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Bob....Powder Springs, Ga is in good hands.......thank you

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