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Country Walk Drive - Bad Ice- Read more

Powder Springs,Country Walk Drive - Bad Ice- Read more

My wife, being the great employee that she is, just headed off to work.  About 2 minutes later the phone rang ..."my brakes aren't working, I just slid all the way down the hill, come get me".  

Country Walk Drive is VERY icy.  This is ICE.  For all of you folks who have moved here from north of the Mason-Dixon line, this is ICE it is not snow.  Don't be a D*** yankee and drive like you think you know what you are doing :-).

Powder Springs,Country Walk, Ice and Snow

Country Walk Drive and Barnwood

I went and rescued Barbara and drove the car up to Old Lost Mountain Rd for her.  Once you get to the main roads it is much safer but there are still many icy paches.  Anyway while I was walking back I observed some interesting things.  Lots of tire spinning, slipping, sliding, etc.  When you are driving on ice, do not talk on your cell phone or apply make up... please.  

There was a small compact car trying to head up the hill from Trailside Ct stop sign.  They were heading in to the neighborhood, sliding and spinning up the hill.  I walked on past and heading toward me was an SUV that I could tell was going to fast for conditions.  About the same time the compact car finally cleared the hill and was heading toward the SUV. All I could do was stop walking and wait and watch.  They missed each other but then the SUV did a nice slow speed all ice accidental u-turn,  a 4000 pound ballet on ice, and came to a rest about 30 feet in front of me!  

The driver completed the u turn and went back the other way.   I'm sure to call in to work or at least change underwear.

Stay home if you can.  If you must drive please be careful out there!

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