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I just did my most recent ";Service or Life"; newsletter by email instead of in print.  There are still a few hundred in my outbox, so if you haven't received it yet, I hope you do get it in the next few hours :-).


If you would like to add yourself to the email list just let me know.  I'll be sure that you get next months issue and all the valuable real estate news that you can use!


For my fellow agents out there who are reading this ... MS Outlook email merge is pretty easy to use. It eliminates bouncebacks from folks whose isp won't allow emails that are cc'd to large groups.  Each email goes out one at a time.  Since they are sent one at a time, don't do as I did.  Send it at night when it won't matter if your email send/receive is plugged up :-). Other than that Outlook email merge is a great tool for keeping in touch with your database.






How To Avoid Dangerous Health Risks

On Your Next Airline Flight…



April 2009


Dear <;<;name>;>;,


            I hope that you are doing well.  In order to save paper, I have included a link to this month’s issue of my Service For Life® free consumer newsletter. It’s loaded with useful consumer and health tips, trivia, funny jokes, entertainment, quotes, and more.  I think that you’ll really enjoy it.  It’s in adobe acrobat (.pdf) format which almost every computer has installed.

This Month's ";Service For Life!";(R)

If the link is broken just copy and paste this address into your browser   http://issue5.agentbobsells.com


Between jetlag, backaches and sore muscles to getting downright ill, traveling by air can be risky business.  That’s why I’ve highlighted a number of proven tips for staying healthy when flying your favorite airline.   It’s all detailed right here in my latest Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter.  But before you dig into this issue…


            Here’s what’s new in the world of real estate: Is it a good time to buy or sell?  No doubt that the real estate market has been in the news a lot lately.  There is a lot of fear being created by the news media.  But what is the real answer? Well the best answer that I can give is maybe! For some people it is a very good time to buy OR sell.


It is a great market for buyers.  Prices are down and interest rates are unbelievably low. For 1st time buyers who are ready to accept the responsibility and rewards of home ownership the timing is excellent! 


The same factors can really benefit sellers who are moving to a similar or higher priced home. How?  In a “better” market you buy and sell for retail.  Your current $200,000 home sells for $200,000 and you move on up to your $300,000 home.  You pay $100,000 price difference. 


But today’s market won’t bring retail on either home. Just picking some numbers, lets say you have to sell your current home for 5% less than it would have brought last year, or $190,000.  But by the same token your new home also sells for 5% less than last year, or $185,000. Your net difference on the purchase is $95,000 and you just saved $5000!  Plus you get to take advantage of today’s low, low interest rates. With a good agent (like me J) these numbers are very real and may even be conservative.


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            Also, I’d like to say a few special words about my client and friends, Lamar and Lorra Harden.  I have known Lamar for over 20 years. I’ve know is wife Lorra for almost as long. In just the last year, Lamar has blessed me with 5 great listings totaling $900,000!  Lamar and Lorra also provided their home for my surprise 50th birthday party!  Thank you Lorra and Lamar for your friendship and for your business.


            Finally, I want you to know, <;<;name>;>;, that you may call me for any reason.  And please let me know if a friend, family member or neighbor, need a caring, competent real estate professional to help in buying or selling.


            I truly appreciate your friendship and referrals.  Enjoy your issue!

                                       This Month's ";Service For Life!";(R)


Warmest regards,


Bob Southard



Solid Source Realty



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I just did my most recent ";Service or Life"; newsletter by email instead of in print. There are still a few hundred in my outbox, so if you haven't received it yet, I hope you do get it in the next few hours :-). If… more
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