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What is GREAT customer service?

What is great customer service?

Publix on Sailors Parkway and New Macland Road
Publix Super Market 3721 New MacLand Road, Powder Springs, GA   (770) 222-2972‎

Let's face it.  Good customer service is not overly difficult when everything is going as planned. The true test is when a problem arises. When the cell phone bill is incorrect, the closing gets unexpectedly delayed, .... or the carpet cleaning machine doesn't work.

Rug Doctor

A few days ago I went and rented the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine from the local Publix grocery store.  I cleaned the bedrooms and then later my daughters boyfriend was going to clean the bonus room and hallway. Then he was going to clean the stairs with the upholstery attachment and Barbara was going to shampoo the minivan carpets with the same attachment. The machine worked great .... but the attachment didn't. It wouldnt work at all.  Not one drop of cleaner would spray from the nozzle.

 upholstery attachment

So at 7:30 Friday morning I marched my tired ornery self up to Publix to see what they would do about it.  The machine was due back by 9 so I figured I needed to do soemthing fast and they bettery make it right. The customer service rep, Ashley, was fantastic. She reassured me they would take care of it and I can exchange the attachment no problem and they would give me a whole extra day to use the machine.  So that sounded good and I was fine with that but then there was another problem .... they didn't have any of the attachments in stock.  Ashley called the nearby stores and found one for me at the store at Macland and Powder Springs.  

But Ashley, If I have the machine from here and the attachment form there how do I return them?

No problem, I live near that store and I'll be sure that it gets returned for you!

Ok, at this point Ashley was pretty much a rock star of customer service.  She gave my money back on the attachment and went to the other store and re rented it ready to finish cleaning the stairs.

But wait .... There's more! (in my best infomercial voice).....

When I got home and got it all set up ..... it still didn't work!  Apprarently it was a problem with the pump on the machine and not the attachment itself. Time to go back and see Ashley.  But when I go tthere Ashely was on break so Stephanie had the task of fixing my problem.  She quickly apologized that I had to do all that running around, got a replacement machine, and assured me that they would make everything right. I got the new machine, hooked it up, and everything worked.  Finally the carpoets were clean.  And since they had given me the extra day we kept it so the minivan carpets could get done on Friday night.

But wait .... There's still even more! (still in my best infomercial voice).....

I went to return the machine Saturday morning pretty much figuring that I would have to re explain the whole mess to whatever rep was there doing the return. I did want to avoid driving back to the other store to return the hose but if I did have to drive over there it wouldn't have been that big a deal. But here is where it got really, really good.  Ashley had indeed left a note saying that she would personally return the attachment to the other store AND Stephanie had left a note as well ..... instructing them to refund my rental cost!

Ashley and Stephanie are outstanding service reps, but I have no doubt that the outstanding customer service comes from the store manager (Dave Low- who absolutely will get a copy of this) and probably the entire Publix corporation.

So the next time you are hitting a speedbump that will upset your clients think about not what went wrong but what it will take not just to make it right, but to make it right and add a raving fan!




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