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A dose of trivia

A dose of trivia...

I was just reading a blog here in AR by Valerie Osterhoudt
.  I would like to say that she stole my idea for a trivia blog but she never knew that I had the idea. And of course I will not admit to stealing her idea since I have been thinking about it for a while. LOL

Anyway, I love trivia.  Several years ago I did some part time work for a guy who hosted trivia games at local bars and restaurants.  I did that for several years and when I wasn't hosting I would go somewhere and play.  2-4 nights of my life were taken up by trivia games in one form or another.  I guess that I was sort of an Alex Trebek wannabe.

So anyway here is one of my favorite all time trivia questions ...


Chuck Berry was one of the most influential rockers in history.  But he had only 1 Billboard #1 hit.

Name the song.

Good luck.  No using the Internet.  Take your best guess and post it here.


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Comment balloon 6 commentsBob Southard • October 07 2008 12:54PM
A dose of trivia
A dose of trivia… I was just reading a blog here in AR by Valerie Osterhoudt I would like to say that she stole my idea for a trivia blog but she never knew that I had the idea. And of course I will not admit to stealing her idea since I have… more
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