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Good By My Little Friend

Good by my little friend....

He came to us about 8 years or so ago.  Just wondered up the street from a neighbor.  We found his rightful owner and got him home.  A few weeks later they found out they had to move out of state and "Scooby" could not go along.  He was ours!

Scoob loved to curl up up on the couch  or in the bed with us. His favorite place to spend the night was in our bed.  It true that there is nothing quite like waking up in the morning with a chihuahua in your crotch :-)


    Scooby tying to be

My wife commented today that she thought he was losing weight and he didn't seem to be feeling well but nothing that seemed alarming.  I said that I would call Dr Koopman tomorrow.  We spent the afternoon with my family for a Christmas celebration.  When we got home I found Scooby curled up the blanket where he had been sleeping when we left...

    Scooby Doo
??? - 12/20/2009




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Good By My Little Friend
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