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How much is real estate commission?


The true answer is that commissions are negotiable.  However just because they can be negotiated does not mean they will be negotiated.

Many agents and brokerages have policies that will not allow the agents to charge any less than a certain percentage.  Several years ago I was interviewing different companies to potentially hold my license.  On was very specific that i could not list a home for less than 6% even if it was friends or family.  Anything less would "devalue" their brand.    I did not choose them.


Here in Ga 6% is fairly common and that is usually split evenly between the listing agent and the buyers agent.  If the listing agent sells the home directly to a buyer then they earn the entire commission with no split. 

While fixed commission and 50/50 spits are the norm I began to think there has to be a better way.  !!!

Variable rate commission: Several years ago I came up with the idea of reducing my commission if I sold my listing diectly to the buyer with no buyers agent involved. Rather than taking all of the contracted commision I share the love and help my sellers pocket some extra money! I does not happen that often but when it does my sellers save money. Very few agent know what variable rate is and many cant or wont do it.

1% listing solution: Buyers agents earn their split.  They are out showing and selliing homes, racking up many miles and hours.  But I began to look at the listing side and thought there had to be a better way.  There are some other discount models in the market but most charge an up front fee to list.  While that might be a fiar trade in order to get the discount I just was not comfortable charging something before the house is sold.  In that regard I wanted to keep a traditional format where the seller pays $0 to the broker until the house is sold.  Eventually I arrived at the 1% listing solution (www.1percentlistingsolution.com). I charge 1% on the listing side with no up front listing fees.  There is .12% mls fee also charged at closing.  For homes $175,000 or less the listing side is a flat $2000. There is still 3% for the buyers agent. So on most homes my total listing commission is 4.12%.

Back to the variable rate commission, If I sell your home directly to the buyer then the total commission is reduced to 3.12%.

How do I do it?  I cut my overhead but not my marketing.  I have to keep effective marketing in place because I have to sell homes to get paid!  When you deal with Atlas Realty Service, LLC you are dealing with me.  I am my own broker and hold my own license. I do not have to share any money with any bosses, brokers, or other higher ups. I eliminated my office.  When I worked for a big company I had access to a beautiful office.  Actually several offices.  That was part of what I paid for. Then  I realized that I never used the office!  Over the last 2 years I had been exactly once. I also still do a lot of buyers agency.  And you know what?   A lot of people that are selling homes are going to buy another one and they need an agent! 

So there are a lot of different factors to consider, a lot of agents, and brokers will truy to earn your business, But if you are in the North Atlanta 'burbs  I hope you will let meinterview for the job!






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